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3rd Alternative, Inc. : IT Solutions Faqs

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Q. I have a small IT staff but they seem to need guidance and managing. Also, they always talk down to me because I don't understand "tech talk". I cannot afford a full time manager. can you help?


A. YES. This is perfect example of how 3rd Alternative can help you. We can offer you top management skills on a part time basis at a very reasonable price. This way your department has control and assignments, and you have a direct interface that speaks your language and theirs. We can tell you what is going on, and they can talk all the tech they want with us.


Q. I have a IT department, but they are too busy running the day to day operations to assist with new project that we are planning. I don't want to keep bothering them with tech questions for my project. They just don't have the time, or this project will take forever to resolve. I also think that this project may be a bit too different for their skill sets.


A. This is a classic and basic "Project Management" operation. 3rd Alternative can assist you in this by taking on the project, and not only managing it, but also preparing your current IT staff for the integration with their department. Or if needed, implement, hire, and train a new department.


Q. I currently have an IT staff, but I am not sure they are running at peak efficiency, we are still having a lot of IT issues.  How can you help?


A. Often, an IT staff can become overwhelmed. There are many reasons for this. Core competency issues, perhaps the skill sets that they have are different than what is required.  Is the budget large enough to handle hardware breakdowns? Is there too much jury-riggin going on? Is there a leadership problem, is morale low? These are just a small handful of things that we look at.


3rd Alternative is the perfect company to utilize in these situations. We can asses the situation and get to the root cause of the problems. Once Identified we can make recommendations on how to actually solve your problems so that your IT department can run smoothly. But unlike other consultant companies we don't just talk at you, we can actually supplement and assist in this process and actually get the job done correctly.